Alton Towers Debuts the Static 20-Minute Dangle Experience

By Gary Cutlack on at

Alton Towers rollercoaster The Smiler – which wiped the smiles off everyone's faces in 2015 when it horrifically injured several passengers – has got itself in trouble again, although this time the end result was nearer the mild discomfort end of the spectrum.

Riders were left stranded and hanging 30 metres above the ground for 20 minutes after automated sensors decided something was up and paused the ride, an interruption that given the history of the ride must've had the stuck passengers more than a little concerned for their wellbeing. The riders were safely returned and lived to queue another day after the delay, though, with park inspectors resetting everything and declaring the rollercoaster safe for use the next day.

Those involved picked up some free tickets to return to the park another time, and try their luck once more. [Sky News]