Amazon is Celebrating the Heatwave by Knocking 30% off Paddling Pools

By Tom Pritchard on at

Today is a hot day. It's already 31 degrees where I am, and coupled with 40% humidity it's not that pleasant. Assuming you don't have a way to keep cool, that is, and Amazon clearly sees an opportunity for our poor country that stubbornly refuses to embrace air conditioning. It's knocked 30% off a bunch of pools including mini paddling pools, proper things you can submerge yourself in, and hot tubs.

The discounts range from a £3.49 mini pool that's only good for dipping an adult's feet into, all the way up to a £4,000 hot tub with room for several people. They're not all that expensive, mind, so if you have a garden, yard, patio, or just feel like risking setting one of these up in your living room, today is probably the day to get one. It won't do you a whole lot of good right now, on what is supposed to be the hottest day of the year, but heat doesn't vanish overnight and it's bound to stay uncomfortably warm for the next few days. Even if it rains, like my phone claims it's going to.

Of course there are plenty of other things you can pick up to stay cool without having to wait for the hose to do its thing. There are cooling pads you can slap in your bed or under your pet (please think of your pet), fans (naturally), cooling towels, cooling collars that supposedly cool off the blood running through your neck arteries (even if most of them are made for dogs), and of course air conditioners if you have a bit more money to spend.

And if you're heading outside make sure to grab yourself a kilt and check out our other tips for keeping cool on public transport.