Archer Isn't Just Coming Back for Season 11, It's Bringing a Game-Changing Reveal

By James Whitbrook on at

For the past few seasons, Archer has gone buck wild—well, buck wilder—with a series of increasingly outlandish fantastical takes on its motley crew of spies, from film noir detectives to outer space. But at Comic-Con last night, the team behind the show announced that the series would get an eleventh season...with a pretty huge change.

The reason why Archer has taken a three-season sojourn into the realm of the absurd, of course, has been because Archer himself has been imagining each season’s escapades in his subconscious, having been in a coma since the climax of season seven. But as Indiewire reports, at Comic-Con the Archer crew showed off the final five minutes of season 10's finale after the surprise announcement of a season 11 renewal to set fans up for what’s to come...