At Least One (1) Car Company Agrees to Keep Manufacturing in the UK For a While

By Gary Cutlack on at

Jaguar Land Rover has a little bit of good news for the UK's besieged car manufacturing industry: it isn't abandoning the country. It will, to coin a phrase, remain. JLR is to build at least one of its future all-electric vehicles at its Castle Bromwich facility, safeguarding thousands of skilled jobs in the area.

If all goes well there could even be a fleet of EV Jags rolling out of the factory, as the carmaker's bosses say a future electric "range" is planned for the site, with the first vehicle to roll slowly out making a weird faux engine noise to be an all-electric Jaguar XJ, the perpetual flagship saloon for gentlemen of a certain age and imagined status.

JLR's chief exec Dr Ralf Speth said: "The future of mobility is electric and, as a visionary British company, we are committed to making our next generation of zero-emission vehicles in the UK. We are co-locating our electric vehicle manufacture, Electronic Drive Units and battery assembly to create a powerhouse of electrification in the Midlands."

The carmaker has also asked the UK government to support a "giga-scale battery production" facility, so there are enough locally sourced chemical lumps to put in all these EVs of the near-ish future. [JLR via Sky News]