BBC Celebrity Chef Endorses Spaghetti Hoops

By Gary Cutlack on at

The BBC's in-house celebrity chef Nadiya Hussain has assembled one of the most bizarre cooking segments seen on TV since Fanny Craddock washed her hands in a bucket one Christmas in the 1970s, managing to baffle and repel both foodies and normal people who eat crisps for dinner alike by suggesting adding a tin of Heinz Spaghetti Hoops to... fish pie.

Hussein says this amazing cookery hack "saves time" when assembling a fish pie at home, which isn't true as Spaghetti Hoops aren't on the ingredients list for fish pie, not even in the torn-out pages they tried to ban from Heston Blumenthal's wildest ideas notebook, written after too many huffs on the catering blow torch gas refill. So sourcing and opening a tin actually adds to the total time taken to assemble the pie. Sorry to sound like an internet commenter here, but that's a fact. You don't put spaghetti in a pie, just like you don't put baked beans in an apple crumble.

Here it is again, looking like the delivery van got in an accident or the stupid biodegradable carrier bag burst on the way home...

...or a student's been earnestly trying to eat more healthily by stirring broccoli into their usual lunch. What next, Nadiya? Cheese on your lobster linguine you utter monster? [iPlayer about 10 minutes in]