Birmingham and Southampton are Getting Lego Stores

By Tom Pritchard on at

For a city as big and populous as Birmingham I've always found it a bit weird that it doesn't have its own Lego store. Apparently there used to be one about ten years ago, but it shut, though times are changing a bit. Lego has announced that the people of the Midlands won't have to suffer the wait of ordering online or picking through the meagre stock in the tiny local branch of The Entertainer. Southampton is also getting one, which is nice.

The Birmingham store is set to open in the Bull Ring, as you'd expect, while Southampton's will open up in West Quay shopping centre. Both shops are going to offer the full 'Lego experience', which means events, activities, and shelves full of the buildable bricks that people can't get enough of. I assume they'll both have some big models and wall displays too, like the Lego store dragon. Exactly what shape those things will take isn't clear, mainly because nothing of the sort has been revealed yet.

It's unclear when both branches will be opening, aside from the pretty vague promise that they'll be around before the end of the year.Either way it's good news for people in the midlands and on the south coast, though it's not so great for me. My area doesn't have a Lego store so if I want to enjoy the delights they have to offer I end up having to go to London. And London is... well, London.

Lego, if you're listening, the Home Counties need a Lego store. Even if it means I have to go to Oxford.