Bookmakers Say Nigel Farage Has a 43.5% Chance of Becoming Prime Minister by 2025

By James O Malley on at

It's hard to imagine, but we're now only 94 days away from the worst political crisis since World War 2. And even worse, this time the cause isn't some mischievous Nazis trying to claim squatters rights on Poland - this time, the cause of the problem is... ourselves.

But as they say in politics, never let a good crisis go to waste. So even though Britain might be facing imminent catastrophe, it could be a good opportunity to make some money. So let's check in on the odds being offered by Paddy Power on a bunch of Brexit-related topics.

First off, will Brexit actually happen? Will we leave the EU in 2019, Paddy Power gives odds of 10/11 for both outcomes - which implies a probability of 52.4%. Which perhaps shows how razor-thin the margins of victory on the current debate are.

Will Prime Minister Boris Johnson (yes that is strange to type) be turfed out of office by the end of 2019? Paddy Power gives odds of 5/2 - or 28.6%.

Slightly scarier are some of the less conventional odds available, which paint a picture of exactly how things could go. Remember, these odds are derived based on real people placing real money bets:

  • Will we run out of contraceptives in 2019? 7/1 (12.5%)
  • Will the government ration food? 12/1 (7.7%)
  • Will trains not run through the Channel Tunnel for seven consecutive days? 10/1 (9.1%)
  • Will KFC close outlets due to a chicken shortage in 2019? 11/4 (26.7%).

The scariest odds of all though? Paddy Power makes the odds of Nigel Farage becoming Prime Minister by 2025 13/10 - or a 43.5% chance. They even reckon there's a 14/1 (6.7%) chance he becomes Prime Minister by the end of 2019.

So perhaps it is time to head down to the bookies, if not a concrete bunker. Just make sure to collect your winnings in Euros. Don't say Giz didn't warn you.

Featured image: Gage Skidmore