Cumbria's Airport Opens for Business After 25-Year Rest

By Gary Cutlack on at

There's a new airport populating the drop-down menu of exotic places to fly to and see if it's any better there from today, with Carlisle Lake District Airport now open for your staycation consideration.

The airport has been closed to public flights for more than 25 years and has been serving only private fliers and the military since 1993, but from today is welcoming civvies and their stupid suitcases disembarking from Loganair flights taking off from Dublin, Belfast and "London" Southend. It was supposed to open last month but operator Stobart Group literally couldn't get the [air traffic control] staff.

Don't expect too much in the way of luxury, hot meals, or Wi-Fi on the flights, mind, as Loganair is running 33-seater Saab 340s on the route, powered by propellers and everything. They have got a fire engine up there though, just in case. It's the rules to have one; they're not expecting the Belfast plane to come in hot. [BBC]

Image credit: Twitter