Cycle Paths in the Peak District Are Being Booby Trapped Because People Are Dicks

By Shabana Arif on at

Some absolute lunatics are laying booby traps on bike trails in the Peak District and near Yorkshire villages, begging the question as to why they're putting so much effort into being arse holes.

The traps have been rife for years apparently, but there's been an uptick in reports with more people sharing photos of affected parts of trails.

"We've had rocks placed across paths, branches pulled down and placed across paths, branches placed at head-height, drawing pins placed on the road, nails put down," reports cyclist and blogger, Chris Maloney.

"We've also had rocks placed across bridleways, like a rudimentary wall being built. One with spikes was buried and if someone trod on that it could cause them some serious pain. The head-height branches in low light could cause serious damage as well."

The police are on the case apparently, although given that they've not managed to stop the years-long scourge already, who knows how much luck they'll have this time around.

South Yorkshire Police has said it takes "all reports of this nature very seriously," adding that "Trail sabotaging has the potential to cause serious injury, and we would encourage anyone who comes across evidence of this taking place to report it to the police on 101."

Cyclists just can't catch a break it seems, with hostilities raging on the roads and crazed locals setting booby traps on cycle paths. British Cycling carried out a survey just a few months ago that resulted in 70 per cent of respondents saying that they felt unsafe riding about in public.

Maloney seems flabbergasted as to the motivation behind the traps, wondering if "people feel there is not enough access for them? Or do they feel they don't have enough space to enjoy the Peak District in the way they'd like to?"

On the bright side, he seems to think "advocacy groups like Peak District MTB" are doing enough "to build collaborative relationships" that will get to the bottom of the root cause of all of this. [Sky News]

Feature image: Unsplash