Disused Police Station Turned into Cannabis Farm

By Gary Cutlack on at

Some hardworking young business people have been at it again with the drug-growing paraphernalia in public spaces, this time ironically taking over a former police station to turn into a cannabis production factory.

Greater Manchester Police found the growing facility inside the old Failsworth Police Station in Oldham, which was closed and sold on to private owners six years ago. Police say the building could have housed as many as 1,000 plants, but appeared to have had the bulk of its crop harvested mere hours before they entered the building.

The electricity meter had been bypassed and the grower seemed to have been living there, tending his valuable crop like a modern subsistence farmer. Despite the absence of plants, the police did manage to seize the lighting equipment used to aid the growing process and now owns more than 1,000 plant pots, so that does count as a minor interruption to the supply chain. [Sky News]