Doctors Warn Smoking Destroys Your Eyes as Well as Everything Else

By Gary Cutlack on at

Eye doctors, who call themselves optometrists when being formal and filling out car insurance forms, would like cigarette packaging to start warning smokers of the dangers of sight loss too; as it's perhaps not widely known that the old smokey sticks can have a terrible impact on eyesight.

The Association of Optometrists got together to squint at the data, and decided that the most horrifying angle to take is to announce that smokers are "twice as likely" to lose their sight than non-smokers. Not simply because smoke itself causes eye damage, but also thanks to the way it worsens other, non-smoking related eye problems.

Smokers are four times more likely to develop age-related macular degeneration – a slow and grim fading away of eyesight – and are twice as likely to suffer from cataracts. To show how serious it is the AoP has assembled a animated GIF, making the message easily communicable to young people:

It's only the text that animates though, and for some reason it's 1246 x 927 in size so will look a mess and probably won't work if embedded. Poor effort. [Association of Optometrists via BBC]