DownDetector Went Down, Internet Chaos Reigned Momentarily

By Patrick Howell O'Neill on at

Cloudflare had trouble again.

The cloud computing company suffered a global outage on Tuesday morning, bringing down thousands of major websites that rely on Cloudflare’s networks for performance and security.

As it happens, one of the downed websites was DownDetector, the go-to site millions of folks use to see if websites are having performance issues. Internet outages are best when they’re a little bit ironic.

This was the scene at DownDetector, Cloudflare, and all the sites relying on their network:

This latest problem at Cloudflare comes just one week after a different round of global outages impacted the company’s network. That incident took down a host of popular websites and apps including the chat service Discord. Cloudflare pinned the blame on network issues traced back to an internet infrastructure problem at Verizon. It’s not clear yet if this latest incident is related to last month’s outage.

You can keep track of Cloudflare’s status here. The company hasn’t responded to questions about the cause of the issue, but Cloudflare CEO Matthew Prince is active on Twitter and says he’ll be updating as his team addresses the issue:

Of course, if Twitter goes down next, we may all be blissfully in the dark.

Featured image: Steve Jennings (Getty)