Dyson Told to Stop Hiding the Power Leads in its Adverts

By Gary Cutlack on at

Sir James Lord Admiral of the Artificial Winds Dyson and his merry band of overseas manufacturers are in trouble with the UK's advertising watchdog, with the Advertising Standards Authority telling the company to make sure people can see the power leads in its future adverts for sleek and glossy home fans; as some may get the impression they are wirelessly powered somehow.

Or at least one person took issue with a TV ad for the Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Fan, which showed a fan operating in a luxury open plan living space but forgot to include the cord or any visible plug sockets, leading the complainant to think potential buyers might think it's battery operated, or entirely wireless because of some unseen proprietary Dyson energy beam technology.

But no, there was a power lead, and it was shown in one shot at the end of the advert, albeit coloured light grey to merge in with the background of the image and appear less visually intrusive; a scam that the ASA says was a purposeful misdirection "...likely to give consumers the misleading impression that the fan was cordless."

Dyson thinks it's nonsense, mind, and that the smart people of the year 2019 aren't stupid enough to think such an energy-sapping stationary unit would run off anything other than a power lead. But it's still been told to bin the ad and stop implying products don't come with massive wires when they in fact do. [ASA via BBC]