E.ON Puts Everyone on a Renewable Tariff for Nothing

By Gary Cutlack on at

Electricity provider E.ON has switched all of its UK subscribers to a 100 per cent renewable tariff, leaving its 3.3 million customers happy in the knowledge that no coal was harmed in the charging of their smart devices.

Technically speaking the guarantee is that subscribers' power needs are "matched" by equal renewable power being fed into the grid, so they'll be delivered the same mix of clean and dirtier power as the rest of the UK grid connectees; but with a promise that enough green power is being generated in Scotland or off the coast somewhere to offset its use.

The fact that it's doing this at no extra cost is a winner, E.ON suspects, as it's had some people do a little survey and found that 61 per cent of us would consider switching to a pure renewable electricity supplier, if there was no cost penalty in doing so and it could be done without having to make a phone call. [E.ON via Clean Technica]