eBay Continues to Muscle in on Amazon Prime Day 2019 With an Extended Sale

By Shabana Arif on at

It's Amazon Prime Day 2019 today, but eBay is determined not to get overshadowed and is extending its 15 days of deals with an extra 20 per cent off today and tomorrow.

This latest offer launches a 20 per cent off coupon that you can use on a range of products. Brands being added to the list today include Adidas, Nike and Google, so keep an eye out for anything that takes your fancy.

Just use code PARTY at checkout to get the discount. You can use the code up to three times, like a genie's wishes, so make the most of it.

eBay started slashing prices at the beginning of the month and is continuing to do so until July 22. The trolling of Amazon started pretty early on with the announcement of its own Crash Sale that will go live if/ when Amazon crashes, like it did last year. The company even ran an 'Honest Alexa' ad on its social media platforms about it, trashing Amazon's sales on items that no one really wants.

It even ran a promotion offering pricey products at a reduced price of £79 - the price of a Prime membership subscription, that still managed to undercut Amazon's price tags - although Amazon did offer £20 off Prime shortly afterwards.