eBay is at it Again, Offering a Range of Products for the Price of an Amazon Prime Membership

By Shabana Arif on at

Ebay is trolling Amazon once again and we're reaping the rewards. The online retailer is selling a bunch of products for the bargain price of £79 - the same as a Prime membership.

Starting today, new items will go on sale every day for the price of a Prime membership, and today's selection includes:

Of course, all of these items are listed at a cheaper price than their Amazon counterparts, which eBay kindly pointed out.

Curry's doesn't escape unscathed either, with eBay offering discounts on tech products of up to 50 per cent off to outdo the store's prices all the way up until July 16.

And don't forget, the greatest troll offer of all: if Amazon crashes under the barrage of all of those thirsty shoppers, eBay's crash sale will kick in, ready to take your money instead.

Basically, you're going to have some very juicy deals coming up over the next week, so stay thrifty and keep an eye out for unmissable deals.