eBay Summer Sale Knocks 20% Off of a Bunch of Speakers and Big Tellies

By James O Malley on at

It's summer! It's warm and sunny outside and its a great opportunity to spend time with friends and family creating memories that could last a lifetime. Or you could just stay in and watch the telly instead.

That's the argument being made by eBay UK (we're paraphrasing slightly) as the erstwhile auction-house has announced a summer sale with a special coupon that will get you 20 per cent off of "selected sellers and brands", including Samsung, Sony, Vans and Ralph Lauren. What is the all-important coupon code? Look, you know how this works and we know how this works: if you want the code, you've got to read a couple more paragraphs blathering on about what you can buy.

The offer eBay is keenest to highlight is the discount on this 43 inch Samsung QE43Q60RA, which is QLED 4K and supports "Quantum HDR", which'll knock the maximum £75 off the asking price. Not bad for this year's flagship telly.

If you're more interested in passively consenting to permanent surveillance in a digital panopticon, eBay has you covered here too: a Google Home Hub with touch screen is just £67.96 with the coupon, saving £16.99 on the £84.95 sticker price. Or you can bag the screenless smart-speaker for just £53.39 - £13.60 down on the the £67.99 Ebay originally wanted.

There's a bunch of other deals too - including KitchenAid appliances for if you want to practice for getting crushed on The Great British Bake Off, and some Adidas gear too for if, god forbid, you actually do some damn exercise.

So what's the code? "PAYDAY20" - though you'll have to move fast, as the offer ends at 11:59pm on Thursday August 1st. And do check the small-print: Though the offer is pretty generous, it only applies to purchases over £25, and gives a maximum discount of £75.