Ebike Renters Hope the People of Dundee Won't Trash Their Machines

By Gary Cutlack on at

A new city is about to challenge its residents to hound-out a bike-sharing business, with Dundee set to host 350 electric bikes lovingly positioned about its streets by the city's incoming international partner Ride-On.

The Ride-On system may have a chance of being accepted by today's canal-throwing urbanites, as it uses a docking station system to ensure bikes aren't left propped up against each other and fallen over in doorways at the end of rides, as they were in some of the UK's other dockless systems – much to the irritation of locals. Being docked also means being charged and ready for use all the time, with Ride-On hoping to gain approval from Dundee's council to launch its fleet in August.

More good news for the rental providers is that Dundee doesn't have any canals, with the city's main water feature being the Victoria Dock. So it'll be easy to fish all the bikes out of the one concentrated spot.

The council seems bang up for the arrival of the ebikes despite the planning applications for the charging stations yet to be approved by some other people down the corridor, with councillor Kevin Cordell saying: "They will be a great way for tourists to get around the city. Dundee does have some way to go to match the cycling culture in other European cities, but projects like this are another piece in the jigsaw." [Courier]