Environmentalists Demand Fridge Doors

By Gary Cutlack on at

The big old racks of cold bottled beverages in our supermarkets and the convenient newsagent are today's target for environmentalists, who have run the maths on their solar calculators and found that these doorless chillers consume one whole percent of the nation's entire energy supply. A cold Ribena is often important, but perhaps not so important that it keeps the national grid straining to cope.

A study backed by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs found that food shops consume three per cent of the nation's energy, and as much as 60 per cent of that usage comes from the doorless fridges that keep our on-the-go selection of carbonated beverages cool and easily accessible.

These open fridges ought to be replaced ASAP, the Environmental Audit Committee recommends, as they are also a "terrible waste of money" as well as being environmental disasters according to MP and EAC chair Mary Creagh; who's hoping that new rules forcing companies to declare their greenhouse gas footprint – coming in in April of 2020 – should shame many businesses into replacing their leaky, cold air waterfall fridges with closed models. And they might also want to start shutting their front doors in winter too, as this invitational tradition leaks heat and helps the high street fritter away energy all year round. [Telegraph]