Environmentalists Granted Appeal Against Heathrow's Third Runway

By Gary Cutlack on at

The Court of Appeal is to open its doors to people in walking boots and waterproof trousers soon, as a group of environmentalists led by Plan B has been granted a hearing of its complaints regarding the seemingly unstoppable fleet of heavy plant equipment about to start work on Heathrow's third runway.

The complaint that Heathrow's expansion is exactly what the UK shouldn't be doing in order to meet climate obligations was rejected by the High Court in May, but a new judge has decided that there are enough "important issues" in the environmentalists' case that it should be heard.

Hence the case of Plan B versus the Secretary of State for Transport is to be heard later this year. Plan B's director Tim Crossland said: "Parliament has recognised a state of climate and ecological emergency, and the government has committed to net zero emissions by 2050. Clearly the expansion of the most polluting form of transport, which is used by only a very small minority of the world's population, is inconsistent with that context; and inconsistent with the Government's duty of care to its citizens and to our young people." [Plan B via Business Green]