Forget Prime Day, Smyths Has Knocked £50 off the Giant Lego Hogwarts

By Tom Pritchard on at

Prime Day is drawing to a close, but the one thing we've been quite upset about is the lack of money off Lego. Usually Amazon has a number of nice-looking sets to flog, but this time it's basically just one - the 20th anniversary Slave I. But we're always on the lookout for an extra Lego bargain, and we just spotted Smyths has knocked £50 off the giant Lego Hogwarts. So now it's £300 instead of £350.

According to Production Editor Kim the price has been like this for a couple of weeks, but she conveniently forgot to tell anyone. So it's not a Prime Day-rivalling deal, it's just Smyths knocking some money off the set for the hell of it. Not that we're complaining about that, because any chance to get a decent chunk of money off a larger Lego set is very welcome. It's better than that time Amazon knocked off 12p at any rate.

The only dilemma here is that £50 off is just under 15 per cent, and a little bit further away than the 20 per cent discounts we've seen Lego itself offer during the big sales holidays like Black Friday. In other words, anyone hoping to get one of these has to ask themselves whether they want it now, or whether they're happy to wait and see how much of a discount it may (or may not) get in a few months' time.

Decision, decisions.