Freeview Mumbles Something About Having Loads of Telly on it

By Gary Cutlack on at

Freeview, the umbrella term for telly that used to come through the air and now comes mostly through apps and smart TVs and whatnot, would like us to talk about a personal milestone it has achieved in the world of on-demand content. So let's see if we can spew out 200 words without mentioning N**flix.

The arbitrary milestone that no one was aware of the significance of is the passing of the 20,000 hours of content level, which Freeview says it has sailed through thanks to the addition of Channel 5's catch-up services, piped through My5, to its array of on-demand television formerly known as the terrestrial selection. The key being it's all backed up there for free, without any form of £7.99 a month subscription required, with the Freeview Play roster now standing at: BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, All 4, UKTV Play, CBS UK, Horror Bites and My5. Adverts may intrude on your enjoyment though.

Freeview's marketing boss Owen Jenkinson assembled a nice quote to send out to everyone about this, and said: "To put 20,000 hours in perspective – that's over two years of solidly watching TV, day and night. We're not sure anyone would want to do that, and while we don't advise it, isn't it great to have the option!"

Well it's OK Owen, but when a lot of the content is from Channel 5, being made to watch it for two entire years might be the sort of sentence a judge would make you do in return for committing a media crime. Caught torrenting HBO's latest smash? That's two years of compulsory confinement to the sofa in front of primarily Channel 5 original programming. [Freeview via Techradar]