Gambling Regulator Says FIFA and the Loot Box Crowd Are Just Fine

By Gary Cutlack on at

Those hoping the gambling regulator might step in and eliminate the shameful virtual loot box market have been presented with a metaphorical box containing the words "shit out of luck" and an animating crying face emoji, as the head of the Gambling Commission says FIFA and the many other imaginary-free-stuff trading titles do not come under his remit.

As in, it's not gambling, so it's someone else's job to crack down on it all, if indeed a crackdown is required. Gambling Commission director Brad Enright has had to analyse the terms of his own contracts to reach the decision, and has once again stressed that because no money changes hands within the games to trade items it's not his problem. The pressures of the grey/black secondary market – which Enright says there is "unquestionably a demand" for – is high, but he says it's not the job of the GC to police the internet.

That job should be done by the likes of Valve, publisher of most-complained-about-for-being-like-gambling title Counterstrike: Global Offensive, that should be working harder to shutdown sites that offer to resell in-game content for actual money. [BBC]