Government Pressured to Further Cut Our Petrol With Ethanol

By Gary Cutlack on at

A group of MPs who get together to push the case for the British bioethanol industry over a nice glass or two of ethanol is asking the government to double the amount of the product that's mixed into our fuel, as both a short-term quick-fix to reduce carbon the output of our transport system and to protect thousands of jobs.

The All-Party Parliamentary Group for British Bioethanol has unsurprisingly suggested increasing the amount of bioethanol we water our petrol down with from five per cent to ten per cent, introducing a more environmentally friendly E10 blend to the forecourts to mirror changes in place in some other countries. This would protect the jobs of the 6,000 or so people currently working to farm crops used to produce ethanol, keeping our bioethanol industry afloat.

Nic Dakin, chair of the APPG, is blaming the paralysing political Brexit logic conundrum for delaying a possible move to a 10 per cent bioethanol mix, and said: "The British bioethanol industry is in a state of collapse, and ministers can not allow the fog of Brexit to distract them any longer from saving a £1bn industry that will not only make our cars cleaner and greener, but provide thousands of green jobs in the North and prove that the government is serious about championing the green economy."

The only small obstacle standing in the way of the change is a minor threat of engine damage being caused to older vehicles, but that's not been much of issue in countries using E10 thus far. It's the sort of thing people with special cars kept in garages for the weekend complain about happening even though it probably won't. [APPG for BE via BBC]