Higher, Further, Faster: Essential Comics and Gifts for all Captain Marvel Fans

By Holly Brockwell and Tom Pritchard on at

After the success of Captain Marvel it was guaranteed to get a sequel, and one was tentatively announced at San Diego Comic Con last weekend. With that in mind, and the fact the film has just arrived on physical media, it's the right time to get some shopping done. Shopping for Captain Marvel merch, and comics to help you prep for whatever the MCU might have in store for the space-faring hero in her next solo outing. Here are our top picks:

Funko Pop Goose figure, £10


Honestly, we could quite easily have filled this entire feature with Goose merchandise, but we've managed to restrict ourselves to just a few incarnations of the orange scene-stealer. And if the regular ginger version isn't for you, don't forget there's a spoilery incarnation that goes with it.

This figurine is a good way to get some Goose in your life, but if you have the capability, why not adopt your own little Goose?

[Buy the figurine here]

Captain Marvel bib necklace, £31.99


A classy, subtle way to show your allegiance to the protector of the skies, this gold-toned (that means not made of actual gold) might not have any magical powers, but the placebo effect totally works for jewellery too. [Buy it here]

Goose t-shirt, from £9.99

OK, we didn't do a very good job of restricting ourselves. There are SO MANY great Goose t-shirts out there, and EMP seem to have most of them. Whether you want military inspiration, neon kitty-worship or just badass space cat, you've got options. [Buy them here].

Higher, further, faster hoodie, about £53

An easy way to suit up, although you probably won't get much use out of it during the current heatwave. Which will last about five minutes, and then you'll need a hoodie again. [Buy it here.]

Captain Marvel and the Skrull Attack Lego set, £24.99

OK, we're probably not supposed to find the incredible badass that is Captain Marvel adorable, but you've got to admit her minifig is kind of sweet. No? OK, well then we'll go back to fussing the little plastic Goose that comes in the set. You also get Nick Fury’s Quadjet and lots of weapons to fire. [Buy it here].

The Film

It's already available from all good digital outlets, but if you prefer to actually own your films then you can't go wrong with getting Captain Marvel on some sort of disc. It available on DVD, Blu-ray, 3D Blu-ray, and 4K Blu-ray for a variety of price points. That's the film plus all sorts of bonus features, including one of Yon-Rogg enjoying a heavy dose of sexual tension with the Supreme Intelligence. [Buy it here]


In Pursuit of Flight, £8.23

Carol Danvers took on the Captain Marvel mantle a couple of years before this series began, but it wasn't until here that she grew into the role as the Captain Marvel people now know. The near-legendary run by Kelly Sue DeConnick is lauded as one of the best in Danvers' history, and it helped inspire the film version of the character. So if you only read one Captain Marvel comic, make sure it's this. [Buy it here]

The Death of Captain Marvel, £17

One of the most memorable and long-lasting deaths in comics came way back in 1982, with the death of the original Captain Marvel - better known as the Kree Mar-Vell. The thing is that Mar-Vell didn't go down in a blaze of glory doing something heroic, he died from cancer in a death many people be able to relate to in some way. Surrounded by fellow heroes it's the kind of thing that people hadn't seen before (or really since) in comics. [Buy it here]

Higher, Further, Faster, More, £8.86

You may recognise this cover as one of the more iconic images of DeConnick's run, and Higher, Further, Faster, More see's Danvers leave her normal life on Earth in favour of more cosmic heroics. In other words exactly what she did at the end of the movie. Embracing the great Marvel universe is a much better use of her immense powers, and it leads to a lot of interesting space-based shenanigans. She even joins the Guardians of the Galaxy at one point. [Buy it here]

Ms Marvel: No Normal, £11.44

She may not be in the MCU yet, but Kamala Khan has proven herself to be a big player in Marvel comics. Obviously as the name suggests she idolised Carol Danvers even before she took on the Captain Marvel mantle, leading Kamala to dub herself Ms Marvel when she took to fighting crime. This book is the start of her solo run, showing how she got her powers and how she begins her life as a hero. Well worth reading in advance of her inevitable and eventual MCU debut, and to see how much of an effect Danvers has on the wider Marvel universe. [Buy it here]

Ms Marvel Epic Collection, £20

Carol Danvers has been around since the late '70s, and that means there are plenty of older comics to read. The Ms Marvel Epic Collection collects some of the earliest, including her original solo run. Fair warning there are some *weird* stories in his library, and I really mean weird. The Epic Collection covers the really early stuff, and is split into two volumes, which should keep you occupied for a while. Not quite until the sequel arrives, but a nice chunk of this year. [Buy Vol 1 here | Buy Vol 2 here]