Huawei's Involvement in the UK's 5G Network Remains Uncertain

By Shabana Arif on at

The Huawei saga continues, this time on UK shores as the decision on whether or not to include the tech giant in building the country's 5G infrastructure gets delayed.

Apparently we're waiting to see how it all shakes out for America before we commit either way. Digital minister Jeremy Wright told Parliament that making a decision before seeing the repercussions unfold - for someone else - would be "wrong," and that we need to sit tight until the waters become unmuddied.

"These measures could have a potential impact on the future availability and reliability of Huawei’s products, together with other market impacts, and so are relevant considerations in determining Huawei’s involvement in the network," he said.

Last month, health secretary Matt Hancock warned that we shouldn't boot out Huawei before a British-based alternative is a viable option.

Despite easing restrictions on Huawei, the company says little has changed between itself and the US as it currently stands, with layoffs planned at its US-based research divisions.

The pot has been stirred up once again this week with reports that the Chinese tech giant helped North Korea build its 3G wireless network in violation of sanctions, which it has denied.

At the moment, all four major mobile networks in the UK are reportedly using Huawei gear for their 5G infrastructure, so there's only so much time the government has to sit with its thumb up its arse. [Trusted Reviews]