If Eating and Drinking Pokémon is Something You've Fantasised About, This Pop-up Bar is for You

By Shabana Arif on at

The pop-up Pokémon bar that travels between the UK and the US is coming to a handful of cities on this side of the pond this November and December.

Poke Bar is the first pop-up of its kind, and serves Pokémon-themed burgers and cocktails, which means dyed buns with stencilled on 1000-yard stares looking back at you as you bite into them, and cocktails in the colours of the three starter Pokemon, by the looks of things.

The pop-up is strictly for over 21s only, and tickets are sold on a first come first served basis, so if it takes your fancy, you should definitely sign up to be notified about pre-release tickets.

It sounds like more of a social event, than hanging out with friends and enjoying Instagrammable food and drink, with "games and prizes including Pokémon trivia with everyone on the day joining different teams to compete for prizes." If you house the reincarnated spirit of a grumpy old man, as I do, such 'forced fun' social activities may drive you away from what would otherwise be a novelty experience, but if you can't get enough of that sort of thing, then this is the Pokémon-inspired event for you.

Poke Bar will be popping up in Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham, and London on Saturdays, starting on November 9 and 16 in Manchester, and wrapping up in London on December 7.

Tickets will set you back £30 - 35 in Liverpool and Manchester, £35 - £40 in Birmingham, and £45 in London, with the pop-up having "multiple start times".