If you're a OnePlus 7 Pro Owner and Got a Bunch of Weird Messages, Don't Panic

By Shabana Arif on at

Earlier today, a select few OnePlus 7 Pro users received gobbledegook spam messages that the company has now confirmed were accidentally sent out during an internal test.

Screenshots from users started popping up on Twitter with some people correctly guessing that testing was going on and must've encountered a hiccup, while others assumed the worst and thought it was a security breach.

Before panic set in, OnePlus responded to one of the tweets to get everyone to just calm the fuck down after receiving texts containing what appeared to be Chinese characters amongst their spam.

"During an internal test, our Oxygen OS team accidentally sent out a global push notification to some OnePlus 7 Pro owners," tweeted the company across its Twitter accounts, although it didn't mention how many users were affected.

"We would like to apologize for any difficulties, and assure you that our team is currently investigating the error. We’ll share more information soon."

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