If You're Dumb Enough to Not Wear a Seat Belt, the New Penalty May Make You Think Twice

By Shabana Arif on at

The government is getting super serious about seat belts, with drivers facing penalty points on their license for not strapping themselves in.

As it stands, the current penalty for playing it fast and loose with your own safety is £100, but this new punishment is part of a 74 point Road Safety Action Plan, that transport secretary Chris Grayling is calling a "key milestone" in reducing road fatalities in Britain.

The RAC has also chipped in on drivers neglecting to wear seat belts, saying the very notion is "barely conceivable" because it's so idiotic. I've taken liberties with the inference there, but if you can't be arsed to clip yourself into your to reduce your chances of being tossed around like a salad in the event of a crash, what is wrong with you?

"The direct effect of non-compliance might be felt by the vehicle occupant themselves in the event of a crash, but ultimately the emergency services are left to deal with the roadside consequences and the taxpayer foots the bills," said the RAC foundation, clearly not wasting any sympathy on cretins choosing to risk their lives, and highlighting the costs and repercussions to others instead.

Of the 787 car occupants killed in crashes in 2017, 27 per cent weren't wearing seat belts. The Department for Transport hasn't stated how many points you'll be hit with, so take the extra second to clip your seat belt on and it'll be something you don't need to concern yourself with at all. [BBC News]

Feature image credit: Unsplash