Ikea Has Made a Whole Font out of Sofas Based on Your Weird Memes

By Shabana Arif on at

Ikea has seen your memes and is raising you an entire font based on its sofa planner.

Ikea introduced its 'design your own sofa' page that allows visitors to the site to pick a base sofa from one of five options and then build whatever it is they can imagine as long as it fits the budget of their wallets and the parameters of the laws of physics.

As the only real limit imposed in the design stage is the sofa components fitting together, you can go nuts and create all manner of nonsense living room pieces that will never see the light of day, as illustrated on Twitter:

Not to let a tasty meme pass it by, Ikea is capitalising on this bizarre but inevitable movement by making an entire font out of, dubbed Soffa Sans:

How whimsical. So now you can write stuff using sofas I guess. Enjoy! [The Verge]