In the Run-up to Prime Day Shell is Having a (Very Early) Black Friday Sale

By Shabana Arif on at

Yes, Shell is doing broadband now. It has been for a while, in fact.  Today's announcement is just as odd and unexpected as that revelation, with Shell's Summer Black Friday Sale.

Black Friday is usually the purview of November, coming after Thanksgiving in the US, although it's now been adopted by everyone else because who doesn't love a good sale? Shell's original Black Friday broadband sale - which I imagine most of us are all just hearing about now for the first time - offered a cheap 18-month contracts that is now coming to an end, and so Shell is offering the chance to sign up for another year and a half at a discounted price.

The short version is that Shell is offering its Black Friday prices to everyone who initially signed up for the sale price, even if they're out of contract, and that according to Citizen's Advice, "households across the country [...] face an average 43% price increase as a result of their fixed term deal ending," so the solution is to switch to Shell, according to their PR.

The rates are the same as its 2018 Black Friday offer which means you'll save up to £144 compared to Shell Energy's non-sale prices.

If you're interested, the Summer Black Friday sale is live now and wraps up on August 8, and here are your options:

  • Fast: £16.99 per month (usually £19.99)
  • Superfast: £23.99 per month (usually £29.99)
  • Superfast+: £26.99 per month (usually £34.99)