Instagram Adds New Chat Sticker so You Can Make a Group Chat for Your Cat's Birthday Party

By Shabana Arif on at

Instagram has just rolled out a snazzy new feature that will let you start a group chat directly from your stories with its new Chat sticker.

How is this different from just anyone replying to your story and initiating a chat that way, you ask? Because the sticker acts as a request button to join your chat group, so you're not just getting thirsty followers replying to them, fishing for invites to your dog Mr. Flibble's birthday bonanza.

Just select the sticker, give your chat a name, and share either with your followers or Close Friends, and your audience can tap the sticker to request to join. You can approve requests and shut down the chat whenever you like.

In less fun Instagram news, ads will no longer be restricted to just your Instagram feed. They'll now be coming to Explore as well. When you're perusing videos and pictures in Explore, you'll start to see ads "as part of your browsing experience."

Apparently 80 per cent of users follow businesses on the platform, and "Explore can help them find the next business or product they might love." True altruism. Explore ads will be introduced "slowly and thoughtfully" over the next few months.