ISPs Will No Longer Be Sending Out Copyright Infringement Notices

By Shabana Arif on at

Copyright notices being sent out from ISPs is now a thing of the past after the program was shut down by music and movie companies.

The aim of the messages was to educate pirates and offer an alternative to suing the pants off people. Users are ID'd thanks to the monitoring of file-sharing networks like BitTorrent, and their IP addresses logged so that notices can be sent out.

BT, Virgin Media, Sky, and TalkTalk were some of the ISPs that were part of the Get it Right anti-piracy campaign, but they were slow to get started, and it's unknown how many notices were sent out or how effective the attempt to educate pirates was. We're guessing not very.

"Having encouraged increased awareness of the value of genuine content and of its many legally available sources, in turn resulting in reduced infringing behaviour, the Get it Right campaign is now moving to its next phase,” said a spokesperson for Creative Content UK (CCUK).

"The educational emails sent by ISPs upon detection of infringing file-sharing activity have served their purpose and are ceasing, with the focus instead increasing the broader engagement with fans based around their passion for music, TV, film and all other kinds of creative content." [TorrentFreak]