Jet2 Adds £85,000 Ticket Surcharge for Woman's Extreme Air Rage

By Gary Cutlack on at

A woman who went so ballistic on a Jet2 flight that two RAF Typhoons were scrambled to intercept it has been handed the most enormous bill to cover the cost of her alleged misdemeanours: £85,000.

That's how much Jet2 would like as compensation for the chaos caused by the passenger's "aggressive, abusive and dangerous behaviour" that culminated in a bonkers attempt to open the aeroplane's doors while it was in the air. The incident took place on June 22, with residents on the flight path around Stansted noticing sonic booms as the Typhoons and their pilots were let off the leash over Essex to intercept the plane and escort it back to the airport.

Cabin crew and passengers worked together to restrain her as the flight to Turkey made back for Stansted, where she was arrested and charged with assault and endangering an aircraft. The passenger has also been banned from flying with the airline for life, as it tries to make quite the enormous example out of the case. [Jet2 via Guardian]