John Lewis Shopper Blasts Staff in a Google Review and Looks Like a Bloody Idiot

By Shabana Arif on at

The town of Cheltenham - famous for the Gold Cup that sees the wealthy and the rat-arsed descend upon it every year - recently welcomed a sizeable new John Lewis store, where the most heinous of crimes has just taken place.

One Google reviewer shared their experience at the store, with an account of how they were spoken to by a member of staff, giving a lowly single star review. What wonderfully delicious combo of expletives were hurled at this woman that we can all take note from to sling at our own nemesis? Hold onto your butts, because this shit is fucking unbelievable.

"I am very disappointed at how the shop assistants spoke to me today," says Donna, as we settle in with out popcorn. "Saying quid when quoting a price is unexceptable [sic] in any shop. I expect better from John Lewis."

...What? Donna. Fucking. Just. Hold on.

At least spellcheck your petty bullshit before making yourself look like a complete and utter plonker.

Other one star reviews include someone bemoaning the lack of interaction from staff whilst noting a man with "blood running down his arm" was getting all the attention - bloody cheek of it. He should've been left to bleed out a few feet from the doorway, so as not to stain anything.

Another encounter cites too much interaction. "Staff 'Hello, Can I help you' Me 'No I am just browsing' Staff then continues to ask what it is I'm looking for, is it a gift for my wife ? I walked out." Absolutely disgusting. Why give a courteous "no thanks" and carry on shopping, when you can take a stand for all of mankind and just leave in the face of such abominable abuse?

We hope your local John Lewis is better than this run down shit show. #JusticeForDonna [Gloucestershire Live]

Feature image credit: Gloucestershire Live