KFC Is Launching Bottles of Its Supercharger Sauce for the Two People That Tweeted About It

By Shabana Arif on at

It's no McDonald's Szechuan sauce, but KFC is selling its Supercharger sauce by the litre this summer, and you can pick up a bottle for £4.

Apparently there was an "outcry" on social media that had people offering to sell their arms and legs for a taste of sweet sauce - figuratively sweet. I have no idea what it tastes like. The restaurant's PR even quotes a tweet with a spicy political reference to Brexit in it, so you know it means business.

"About time they pushed Brexit to one side and discussed bringing the Supercharger back to KFC in parliament," it apparently reads, although there's no link to the tweet and I'm not about to spend the remainder of my afternoon verifying KFC's sauces...

"For a while now fans have only been able to get a small taste of our spicy mayo in our infamous burgers and flamin’ wraps. But we know, just how much our Supercharger sauce is loved up and down the country and are excited to share our supersized edition of our legendary sauce," said a KFC spokesperson.

The sauce goes on sale from July 15 - perhaps to celebrate the most auspicious of holidays, Amazon Prime Day - and is only available until August 11.

You'll find the bottles at KFC restaurants across the country, and if supplies have dwindled, or you don't want to drink a litre of the stuff, the Supercharger sauce is back on the menu in dipping pot form forever. Or the foreseeable future at least.