Kia Sells a Magic Pocket to Stop Your Car Getting Hacked Away

By Gary Cutlack on at

Kia thinks its owners are worried about having their wireless car keys hacked and their beloved Ceeds driven away while they sleep off the spaghetti and wine, and has launched its own branded take on the signal-blocking Faraday pouch.

It is the KiaSafe, basically a lined wallet for your car key, or fob, or whatever you call the wireless ones, designed to stop bad people using "relay attack devices" to steal car IDs and clone their own. Kia has therefore introduced the term "relay attack device" to the mainstream vocabulary, which isn't a great idea. Now everyone can look it up and learn how to steal a Kia, although after 20 minutes in one you'd probably want to take it back to where you found it and get the bus home. A little car joke there for the male readers. You're welcome.

The KiaSafe will be handed out as a freebie to buyers proudly picking up brand new models from their regional showrooms, or it may be purchased for £9.99 if you are worried about a thief scanning your shit and stealing your ride. [Kia via Engadget]