Leaked iPhone 11 Pic Seems to Confirm Rumoured Design Change – If it's the Real Deal

By Shabana Arif on at

The iPhone 11 is expected to drop this September, so we can expect plenty of rumours to be swirling about between now and then, and the most recent one seems to support what we've already heard.

Previous rumours pointed to the rear cameras being nestled in a square housing on the back, and the leaked logic board seems to accommodate that change, given that it's transitioned from the usual L-shape to an I-shape for the iPhone 11, if the images are to be believed.

While you may not like the look of it, the additional camera is rumoured to be an ultra wide angle lens, and the insides of the phone have to be rejigged to make room for that, which is what the reportedly new I-shaped board allows for.

Whether or not it'll be taller than the L-shaped board, and run the entire height of the device is unknown, as the dimensions didn't accompany the picture which is decidedly inconvenient.

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