Lego Star Wars BOOST Droid Commander Sets Gets Surprise Early Release for Prime Day

By Tom Pritchard on at

Back in May Lego made an early announcement for Star Wars day, promising that there would be a Star Wars-themed version of the Lego BOOST robotics set arriving in September. But September was a long way off, and it seems Lego got sick of keeping it in storage for another couple of months. So Droid Commander has come early, like some sort of Prime Day miracle.

The robotics kit costs £180, and inside you get 1,177 pieces that can be used to build three classic Star Wars robots: R2-D2, the Mouse Droid, and the Gonk Droid. The last two don't quite have the same star power as R2, but they'll do for kids. The goal of the sets are to teach kids how to code in a way that they find fun.

There are various sensors and motors to help the droids get around, and once you've built them you can take them on up to 40 pre-made missions together.  Of course that means connecting to an app, which is free to download on Android, iOS, and Fire OS.

Julia Goldin, Chief Marketing Officer, LEGO Group, said:

“We’ve been fuelling the imagination of young Padawans and Jedi Masters for twenty years and wanted to take the Force to a new level. By introducing LEGO BOOST and creative coding into the LEGO Star Wars galaxy, kids now have the chance to develop essential 21st century skills while immersing themselves in the amazing world of Droid Commanders. Our children are the problem solvers of tomorrow and STEAM skills will be essential to help them conquer the challenges of the future.”

The set is now available on Amazon as a special 'Prime Day Launch', but it's not exclusive. It's also available on the official Lego store, though sadly that doesn't come with prime delivery. Just 'loyalty points' which can now be spent on things other than money off. But who needs that? (Me, I need that.)

As mentioned before it's £180, and it's for kids aged eight and up.