Legoland Plans First Water Park in Europe for 2020

By Gary Cutlack on at

An Italian theme park is about to become the first European site of a Legoland water park, with the Gardaland Resort in Italy soon to include a standalone Lego-branded set of slides and pools and floating bricks and whatnot.

Legoland currently offers a splashing about option alongside its two US park operations and in Dubai and Malaysia, with Gardaland's expansion set to open in 2020. It's a vaguely new thing for Lego, as Gardaland doesn't currently feature an actual land-based Legoland; it's the first time the water fun concept has been unbundled from the main Legoland offering.

The park will take up 15,000 square metres, which is about four acres, which is about one massive field. [Merlin via Brick Fanatics]