London Shard in Lockdown for Extreme Influencer's Climb Attempt

By Gary Cutlack on at

An absolute lunatic of a free climber has taken on one of the country's grandest and most textureless summits today, with an attempt to climb the outside of London's Shard kicking off early this morning.

The event stress-tested the analogue and digital zooms of the smartphones of the capital's population, with numerous photos of a spec on a massive JPEG-artifacted grey slab doing the rounds on social media. TalkRadio managed to produce a video of the scene, and reported that the climb ended several hours ago:

Police first arrived at 5.15am, so whoever it is is also mad enough to get out of bed even earlier than that. No one has claimed responsibility yet and the Met Police isn't saying anything either and even declined to arrest the man when he bagged his artificial peak.

Suspect #1 is free climber extraordinaire Alain Robert; the "French Spider-Man" who's been done numerous times for scaling public buildings, as this is clearly the work of someone a bit more skilled than your average YouTuber. It's unlikely this is a man making his wife go up for Instagram, either. [Standard]

Responsibility has been claimed by George King, who's only 19 so fair play to him.

Image credit: Twitter