Londoners Granted Permission to Continue E-Scooting Around Insulated Bubble

By Gary Cutlack on at

The only place in the UK where it's legal and encouraged to ride an electric scooter about the place among the normal people has been granted an extension to continuing making it so, with the Bird scheme in London's Olympic Park given permission to extend its self-contained public trial of the powered scooter rental scheme.

The Olympic Park says it's allowing the Bird-brand electric scooters to stay until the end of September 2019 now, with the usual caveats about not taking them out of the park or deviating from the prescribed routes in place: and they won't work at all on football days, as you can imagine the utter carnage that might cause. Potential renters even have to have a valid driving licence too, as if they're proper vehicles rather than a fad for the nation's growing army of hormone-fed, man-sized children to enjoy until something stupider comes along. [QELP via Independent]