Low-Carb Power Crossed 50 Per Cent Milestone in 2018

By Gary Cutlack on at

53 per cent of the UK's electricity was created by non-fossil generating sources in 2018, although this figure does include power coming from nuclear options so isn't quite all world-saving amazing news, depending on if you're #TeamNuclear or not.

The government's energy statistics show that non-nuclear renewable generation capacity rose by ten per cent in the year to contribute around 33 per cent of the UK's total power need, with the proportion of our electricity coming from pure coal burning methods dropping to just five per cent as the burners across the country are gradually extinguished.

The elephant-shaped balloon in the room is the fact that the controlled setting fire of gas remains the largest single source of electricity generation here, although that's down slightly year-on-year from 40 per cent to 39 per cent. [Guardian]