Man Jailed for Suspected Cheating on Driving Test

By Gary Cutlack on at

A man from Guildford has been jailed for the crime of wearing a Bluetooth earpiece while taking the theory element of his driving test. The inference being that the spoken parts of the test could be heard by an outsider, who'd then feed the examinee the correct answers. Jesus, just buy the bloody Highway Code book.

33-year-old Ahmad Moustafa raised suspicions by travelling 150 miles from his home in Nottingham to take his test in Guildford, Surrey, as if distance somehow makes crimes less severe. What happens in Guildford stays in Guildford, that sort of thing.

It didn't work, mind, as the Guildford invigilators noticed the Bluetooth earpiece and cancelled his test. Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency prosecutor Olivia McGinn explained: "It is a way of cheating. There is a voiceover on the computer with test questions. Someone can hear and provide the correct answer."

Despite staff not being allowed to search the man and offering no firm evidence that the headset was connected to a mobile device the judge ruled in favour of the examiners, with judge Leo Pyle saying: "I can't overlook the risk to the public. There was a system of licensing you sought to circumvent. You came all the way from Guildford to take the theory test in Nottingham. No doubt with those actions, you thought you could dupe the invigilators. You would be a potential danger to road users."

Hence 16 weeks in jail and no driving licence for a year when he gets out. [Nottingham Post]