Mini Electric Revealed Ahead of 2020 Launch

By Gary Cutlack on at

After years of concepts and design misdirection, BMW has finally revealed the final retail form of its pure electric Mini. And it's going to be called the Mini Electric with a corresponding yellow E hidden on the bodywork detailing, lest you forget and try to flood it with petrol in the Asda car park.

The "from" part of the price is quite exciting too, as BMW says the entry-level Mini Electric could cost just £24,400 (after government grant reduction) if you skimp on the extras and don't want it painted or anything, and for that money buyers also get the prestige of having a Cooper S badge on the back of the thing too; the carmaker's attempt to upsell it to performance enthusiasts by comparing the power of the Mini Es 181bhp electric motor to that of its higher-spec petrol models.

The official range figures are a bit "first-gen" though, as the Mini Electric is rated for a range of between 124 and 144 miles per full charge, thanks to a 32.5kWh battery pack. It'll get to 80 per cent full from a 35-minute executive rest stop in service station if plugged in to a 50kW rapid charger, though. Deliveries begin in March of 2020, and it's Brexit-proof thanks to being assembled in the UK at BMW's Oxford plant.

Is it as button-cute and cuddly as the Honda e, though? [Auto Express]