Morris Dancers March on Parliament Over May Day Sacrilege

By Gary Cutlack on at

A very polite but irritating protest is about to arrive in Westminster, with an assembled mass of morris dancers planning a little political protest all of their own. The target of their furious bell-waving and non-violent stick-clacking? A change in the timing of the early May bank holiday next year.

The May Day bank holiday is being moved from Monday to Friday in 2020, so that its date matches with that of the 75th anniversary of Victory in Europe Day, or VE day. This change has infuriated the morris dancers of the nation, as Mayday is big in their calendar; the goats will have been fattened for the slaughter, several virgins would have been acquired via the Darknet and kept out of the sun for months to ensure their paleness, plus more important things like fetes would have been arranged. Mike booked the village hall for Monday evening as far back as April of 2018, FFS.

Gordon Newton, who's been running the Sweeps Festival in Rochester for 40 years is not impressed, and said: "It is not just our event, it is one of the most popular times for all types of festivals across the country. The impact on them will be massive. This was done without consultation. Of course we want to commemorate VE Day and we can still do that if we have an extra Bank Holiday on Monday." [Wild Hunt]

Image credit: Wikipedia