New Chrome Extension Fixes Twitter By Showing The Latest Tweets First

By James O Malley on at

If you're anything like me, you have a hate/hate relationship with Twitter. You hate that you're addicted to it, and you hate yourself for using it.

The problem is that it is almost an iron law that when they change things, they make Twitter worse. Most recently, this includes a controversial new re-design of the web interface, and a continued preference for Twitter relying on algorithms to choose which tweets to show you rather than... you know, putting them in a chronological list.

This is where a new Chrome extension called "Latest Tweets First" steps in. Install it, and then when you browse to Twitter it'll show you the... latest... tweets... first.

The only slightly questionable thing is that it isn't exactly clear who is behind the extension - so don't blame us if it turns out to be actually harvesting all of your user data.

So there is arguably a trade off... but it is super useful. It will make your life better. I mean, it won't make your life amazing - you'll still be looking at Twitter - but it will be a marginally more bearable experience.