New Rick and Morty Screenshots Offer Zero Context to Anything in Season 4

By Shabana Arif on at

Rick and Morty Season 4 is coming this November, and Adult Swim has released a couple of new images to whet your appetite.

The network ordered 70 episodes last year- after an interminably long back and forth - with 10 of them making up the fourth season.

What with this being Rick and Morty, these new screenshots don't really give anything away. This is the show that spawned Pickle Rick after all, so who knows what the hell is going on in these images, or how relevant it is to any kind of plot. So just do a Morty and mindlessly enjoy them for now.

At least the space shenanigans are still in full force with pissed off aliens and weird and wonderful new landscapes in the mix.

Here in the UK, the show will air exclusively on Channel 4, which is good on the one hand because it's free, but also sucks balls because adverts. Rick and Morty is just one of the programs in an apparent deal the channel has struck with Adult Swim.

With only four months to go, you can just watch this teaser over and over again, or head to Channel 4 to catch up on the first three seasons. [GamesRadar+]