No You Can't Have a Receipt for Your 11:58am Wetherspoons Business Breakfast

By Gary Cutlack on at

Sad old people gaming the system by having a cheap breakfast and infinite cups of tea for a three-hour lunch session may no longer go home with proof of their winning, as pub chain Wetherspoons has stopped handing out receipts for purchases unless specifically asked.

It's being done with best intentions and there's no need to mention Brexit here at all, as Wetherspoons says it currently hands out a staggering 11.2 billion receipts per year, at a cost to the chain of £32m; and because of the shitty nature of the paper used, they're not recyclable and usually end up scrunched up in people's pockets and eventually binned. This is rare feelgood 'Spoons news.

The revelation that no-receipting is chain policy came from the latest issue of the Wetherspoons in-house magazine, when a reader asked why he didn't get receipts any more, questioning: "Twice now, I have ordered meals with side orders as extras; both times the side orders never arrived, leaving me wondering whether I had ordered them in the first place. With a receipt I would be able to see exactly what I ordered and show the staff exactly what may be missing."

To which chain boss Tim Martin replied that the chain no longer hands out a record of orders automatically, but one can be had if requested at time of order. [Telegraph]