North Korea Immortalises Leaders' Thoughts in Ebook Form

By Gary Cutlack on at

North Korea is getting in on the electronic publishing scene, with the regime releasing an e-reader application able to parse one particularly must-read title – the complete thoughts and works of former leader Kim Jong-il and his father and the very first head of state of the nation Kim Il-sung.

Potential readers – likely to be everyone as there will be a quiz and probably at gunpoint – have to install the state IT department's bespoke Chongseo 1.0 reader platform on their systems in order to access the document, with the idea being to encourage all of North Korea's citizens and ruling party members to better understand the ideology of the country's first two defining leaders of its modern age, by combining many of the leaders' greatest writings in one massive volume.

The translated announcement of the encyclopedia says readers can expect to discover more about the "noble virtues" of the former leaders, culminating in the production of this "greatness learning system." There is also a search function. [BBC]